Satamap/NDVI Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions frequently asked about our integration with PCT Satamap to view SVI (NDVI) in Agworld

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What subscription do I need to view Satamap/NDVI?

  • Our integration of PCT Satamap into Agworld allows users to view the latest SVI imagery for their fields. This is available to users with the Plus subscription and above. For more information, visit subscription and pricing information

Are there more features?

  • If you would like access to more features, such as comparing imagery between two dates, looking at growth rates or change over time or archiving images, these features and much more are available in a paid subscription to PCT Satamap

What can I use Satamap for in Agworld?

  • Identifying areas of interest crop scouting

  • Showing mishaps such as blocked seeding points, or miss-sprays

  • Water-logging (irrigation situations)

  • Pest management that impacts biomass

  • Identifying Plant Growth Stages

  • Understanding Weather effects

How do I access Satamap in Agworld?

  • Click on the small "NDVI" button in the bottom right corner of the Agworld website, iPad or iPhone.

Can I access Satamap offline?

  • On the iPad and iPhone, you need internet access to download the SVI imagery. Once it is downloaded, the device temporarily caches (saves) these layers and you will be able to view them offline. 

How often is the imagery updated?

  • The imagery provided will generally be updated every 5 to 6 days. You can check the recency of the imagery of your farm by checking the date stamp on the tiles imported. Sometimes clouds get in the way, but the latest cloud-free images are available in Agworld within hours of being captured by the satellites.

How small/detailed are the tiles?

  • The imagery should have a spatial resolution of 15m or less

Where is the imagery from?

  • PCT source their imagery from several satellites including Landsat 8, Sentinel 2 and coming on soon new data from Sentinel 3, MODIS and archived data from the old Landsat missions. 

What do the colours mean?

  • The colours on the SVI scale represent the biomass (or greenness) in your fields. The colour scale moves up from black/grey for bare soil up to red for very high biomass. You can read more about the scale here

Why is my map is mostly black/grey?

  • If your map is primarily one colour, it would be because the biomass (or greenness) in the field is very low (or bare soil) and these small values are not represented on the SVI Equal colour scale. Low biomass or emerging vegetation should show up as white/yellow and then move up the colour scale from there.

I only have imagery for my fields, not the surrounding areas?

  • Because we are not charging for this feature, but there is a cost to source the imagery, we have had to limit the amount of imagery provided for each company in Agworld. If you'd like to view imagery for a larger area, this and many other features are available with a paid subscription to PCT Satamap.

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