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Shortcut Button Functions on the Agworld iPad App
Shortcut Button Functions on the Agworld iPad App

Set up shortcuts on the iPad app to quickly access favorite actions

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Looking for ways to speed up data entry? The shortcuts icon is great way to do that!

This button allows you to quickly create a new job, create a new pin, or measure a distance / area.

On the iPad App, you will find the shortcut button on the top right corner of the Maps page.

To hide or change the order of items in shortcuts:

1. Tap on the lightning bolt shortcuts button on the Maps page

2. Tap Edit in the top-right menu

3. Tap on the 3 lines on the left and drag your finger up or down to move the available options around to your liking

4. You can hide shortcuts by tapping the red '-' button to the left of the shortcut option, or show hidden shortcuts by tapping on the green '+' button

5. Once you have your preferred order set up, tap Done to save your shortcuts

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