Express Rx allows you to comprehensively plan which fields to apply variable rate fertilizer jobs. After a template has been applied and sampling results are processed, the Rx's from the selected template will be generated.

What else can you do?  ✏️

  • Bulk create and queue up sampling jobs
  • Use precision formula templates to create prescriptions
  • Create reports

Locating Express Rx 📍

  • Work Flow | Prescriptions // Select Express Rx 

Express Rx Equations 🔢

  • Equations are pre-made based on the Nutrient Rx formulas sent in by the customer. If you would like templates added into Agworld please contact Customer Support    📞 970-460-8660 // 
  • Once templates are created, they will be selectable and can be applied to any field with sample results 

Sampling Jobs 🕳

  • For Express Rx to work, a sampling job must be made. Once the results come back from the lab and process for precision, the Rx's from the pre-selected template are automatically created. For the template to run the soil results must be present for every formula within the template. 
  • After it is applied to a field and the prescriptions were created, the formulas will show up in Workflow | Prescriptions page All tab 
  • Next, you will need to approve and convert any prescriptions you wish to action 

Now give it a try!

  1. Applying Templates
  2. Converting Prescriptions to Jobs

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