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Frames by Agworld: Shed by FarmReady
Frames by Agworld: Shed by FarmReady
View current Shed product levels from the Agworld maps page
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Get a quick snapshot of your Shed inventory levels via a Frame on your Agworld map:

Once you've registered and set up your Shed account (find your way here on getting started here), here are some things to check to enable your Shed Frame in Agworld:

  1. Head to the storage you want to enable the Frame for then do the following:

    1. Go to Storages

    2. Select the Storage you would like to link

    3. Click Edit

    4. Go to the Agworld tab

    5. Select from the Agworld Account dropdown which account you would like to link

    6. Add the lat/long of your storage in the 'pin location' section”

    7. Click Save

  2. Ensure your Agworld app is up to date via the App Store on your device (note: Frames are currently enabled on mobile only at this stage)

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