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Agworld Jobs: Recommendations
Agworld Jobs: Recommendations
You can create, convert, and send recommendations in Agworld. Learn how to create them from scratch, and convert them to an activity!
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You can create recommendations and convert them to an activity (Work Order or Actual) from the Agworld app and website. Recommendations need to be linked to fields in Agworld, so it's important to make sure you've got your clients' maps set up.

This article is split into 3 sections:

  • How to Create a Recommendation

  • How to Convert that Recommendation

    • Convert to Work Order

      • On the iPad

      • On the Website

    • Convert to Actual

      • On the iPad

      • On the Website

  • How to Send a Recommendation (via email or text)

    • On the iPad

    • On the Website

How to Create a Recommendation:

From the Website:

How to Convert Recommendation to Work Order:

How to Convert Recommendation to Actual:

How to Send a Recommendation:

This article explains how to send a recommendation from the iPad or the Website. See additional instructions below on how to do this from the Agworld mobile app:

From the iPad:

If you'd like to submit the recommendation and email it straight to your client or a contractor, choose the option "Submit & Send". You can choose contacts in Agworld, or contacts on your iPad. You can select multiple recipients if you'd like to send the recommendation to multiple people.

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