Powered by Frames by Agworld, the Mobble/Agworld integration is the integration for Aussie and Kiwi mixed farmers who want to bring together real-time livestock and crop management information into one place.

Below, we outline some of the FAQs of the integration. To skip straight to the setup steps, click here for Mobble’s help article.

What information flows between Mobble and Agworld and where does it show?

This integration is a one-way information flow from Mobble to Agworld, providing a frames snapshot on the Agworld maps page. When you tap on the Mobble icon, you get a snapshot of mob information such as:

  • Type

  • Class

  • Ages

  • Size

  • Grazing Info

Available on the Agworld iPad and iPhone apps, you can easily pull up the above information next to your Agworld fields, pins, notes, withholding period information & more! Please make sure to update your Agworld app to latest version to access Frames.

How often does the frame refresh?

Mobble frames are automatically updated every time a mob in Mobble is moved or edited. So when you sync your iPad or iPhone app in Agworld, you should see a real-time information sync.

Does the integration cost anything extra?

No, all you need is a 'business' or above subscription in Mobble, and any paid Agworld grower subscription to set up the integration.

Can my agronomist or farm staff see the livestock data from Mobble once the frame is enabled?

Yes, anyone with permission to view the maps page in Agworld has access to Mobble frames.

How can I set up the integration?

Check out Mobble's help article on setting up the integration, whether you're an existing Mobble user or want to start a trial to test it out.

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