An Introduction to Jobs in Agworld

Jobs in Agworld are a record of your planned or actual operations, they can contain dates, products, rates, costs and much more

There are 4 types of activities in Agworld, these are plans, recommendations, work orders and actuals. The Agworld workflow is designed so that you can plan, schedule and record a completed job all on the one platform. This workflow is also not destructive of the original data, so if you create a plan or recommendation and it is converted to Actual to record the actual application or operation, you can always report back on what was originally planned.

The Agworld Jobs Workflow looks like this:


Plans are generally created before the start of a season. They can be created by farmers or agronomists with planning subscriptions. They are used to budget, forecast input (seed, fertilizer, pesticides) and operational requirements, schedule application timings and get everyone on the same page about what needs to be done on each field.


Recommendations are created by agronomists and farm advisors. They are a tool used to convey advise for product applications, timings, safety information and more. Recommendations can be created from scratch, or converted from existing plans.

Work Orders

Work orders are a direct way for farm managers to convey job information to their workers or contractors. They contain all the necessary sections for a manager to give instructions, directions, chemical and safety information to ensure everything is being done on time and correctly.


Actuals are a record of a completed job. Actuals can be sprays, fertilizer applications, harvest, cultivation activities or costs associated with a field. They are a tool used to ensure you are recording all of your farm costs and activities so that you can understand your risk and expenses as well as giving you insight into your agronomic and financial performance. You can convert plans, recommendations or work orders into actual to save you time entering data. If you don't have any of these in your Todo list, you can always create actuals from scratch.

What's the point?

Using Agworld to plan and record your farm operations gives you a one-stop-shop to analyze how your season is progressing. Planning is quick and easy in Agworld. You can create an entire seasons' operational and financial plan from scratch in less that 30 minutes. Once the season has started, and you're recording your activities as Actuals, you can get real time data to answer questions like:

  • How much have a spent on this field so far this season?

  • Has my worker completed all of the jobs I've assigned them?

  • How profitable are each of my crops?

  • Can I afford another fertilizer application?

There's a heap more we can write about, but if you have any questions, or would like to see an demonstration of Agworld, please contact your local support center.

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