With an enterprise subscription you can quickly schedule out work orders to operators that need to complete jobs. Once the jobs have been scheduled out they will appear the designated operators "Assigned to me" list on the mobile device. Watch the video & read the steps below to learn more!

  1. Select Workflow > Jobs

  2. The scheduling tool is used to schedule work orders that are assigned to an operator & operator company

  3. At the top right select the drop down and change it to Schedule View

  4. This will give you a list of operators on the left and a map of where the jobs will be on the right hand side

  5. By selecting the operator, it will display the jobs that are assigned to them.

  6. Select the Set Order button on the left which will allow you to select the pins in the order you would like the jobs to be completed.

  7. Once they are in the correct order, click Set Order

  8. From the mobile device, the operator can now view jobs "Assigned to me"

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