As of September 2021, Agworld is excited to launch 'strategies (beta)', a new feature for managing the same crop in different ways. Here are a few scenarios where establishing strategies (beta) for the same crop in Agworld may become useful:

  • Use/grade (e.g. feed vs malt)

  • Organic vs non-organic

  • Variety technology (e.g. Clearfield vs Round-Up Ready canola)

  • Irrigation setup

You will be able to set both a colour and a unique name for your management strategies, which can be viewed on the map by anyone connected to the farm company.

Please note that the feature is still in beta as there is still more development work to come. We are inviting customers to opt-in to begin using strategies and are looking for feedback from customers who are keen to shape the future of strategies!


Who will see strategies once enabled?

Anyone who can view the map of a farm company will be able to see strategies once they are set up. With this comes some risk in the setup stage, as crops and strategies are currently not in sync

Where can strategies be viewed?

Strategies are visible on the Agworld website and will later be introduced to the iOS apps. Strategies are visible on the maps page as their own view option; they can be viewed in a list view via the Planning > Field Strategies page

Are colours user-specific?

No, colours are consistent across any users connected to a farm company including farm staff and agronomists connected to the account

Can agronomists set up strategies?

Yes. Please note that once an agronomist has opted into strategies (beta), all connected farm companies also get opted in, so please talk to your active grower clients before testing strategies. If you're an agronomist and prefer to opt-in a single farm company into strategies (beta) instead, we recommend enabling it via the grower acccount instead.

How can I get started?

Please call Agworld support to opt-in to using the beta strategies feature. There are a few considerations worth keeping in mind before delving into the setup as strategies (beta) remain independent from crops and plans in Agworld as it currently stands.

How can I set up strategies?

Watch the video below for steps on how to set up your maps with Agworld strategies. Here's an overview of the steps:

  1. Contact Agworld support as mentioned above

  2. Navigate to Planning > Strategies > 'Manage Strategies' to create your first strategies against the farm company. We recommend thinking about a consistent naming convention when setting them up

  3. Once you've set up your strategies, assign strategies to the season by heading back to Planning > Strategies > 'Assign Strategies'. This gives you the option to refine your season's list of management strategies

  4. Once you're ready to assign your strategies to fields, click Planning > Field Strategies

  5. Head back to the map to view your strategies on a map. Under 'View Options' you can compare this against the crop colours

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