New Harvest Workflow

This webinar is for all users of Agworld and covers the new harvest workflow including how to enter harvest activities to track harvest progress, harvest loads to record commodity weight and transactions to record income from the sale of a commodity. Includes a full website demo plus iPad and iPhone demonstrations.

Planting in Agworld

This webinar is for all users of Agworld and covers how to capture planting related activities. Topics that are covered include planning for planting and executing planting activities.

Speeding up data capture in Agworld

This webinar covers tips and tricks to create data quickly and efficiently

John Deere Integration

This webinar walks through our integration with the JD Operations Center and the exciting features that make linking your John Deere Data to your records in Agworld even easier.

Agworld & Shed by FarmReady Webinar

Learn about Shed’s inventory management capabilities and how it connects with Agworld.

Soil Sampling Webinar

Learn more about how Agworld’s soil sampling solutions will help you to streamline and simplify your sampling workflow

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