Frames by Agworld offers providers of any data driven equipment or service the opportunity to display contextual data within the Agworld interface to all Agworld users working with a farming company, including agronomists, contractors and others.

Frames are displayed in the context of Agworld's existing interface, so a field, season or lat/long location for example. Frames are displayed to users on both the Agworld iPad and iPhone applications in their linked context. Frames by Agworld are interactive and can interact with other Agworld API’s.

For more information about Frames by Agworld, check out this article or watch the video below.

Current Frames-Enabled Partners:

Get a quick snapshot of your Shed inventory levels via a Frame on your Agworld map:

Once you've registered and set up your Shed account (find your way here on getting started here), here are some things to check to enable your Shed Frame in Agworld:

  1. Head to the storage you want to enable the Frame for then do the following:

    1. Go to Storages

    2. Select the Storage you would like to link

    3. Click Edit

    4. Go to the Agworld tab

    5. Select from the Agworld Account dropdown which account you would like to link

    6. Add the lat/long of your storage in the 'pin location' section”

    7. Click Save

  2. Ensure your Agworld app is up to date via the App Store on your device (note: Frames are currently enabled on mobile only at this stage)

Get a snapshot of your Kingman Ag tractor location, job progress and machinery information when you sync your Agworld apps. Learn more about the integration launch here!

For more information on how to enable a Kingman Ag frame on Agworld, contact the Kingman Ag team

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