What is the Agworld/Laconik integration?

The Agworld and Laconik integration enables you to push purchases made in Laconik into your Agworld account. This enables you to view your purchases while in the field, locate trials, view the latest trial results, determine if there are differences between treatments and, if required, easily undertake scouting (i.e. tissue testing). The integration allows you to view and interact with layers on your Agworld farm map, and you can also annotate and attach these layers to Jobs in Agworld.

Some examples of displayed layers include:

· Laconik Trial™

· Laconik Combine™

· In-season and end of season results from Laconik Trial™ and Laconik Combine™.

· More layers to be released in the future.

It’s enabling profitable input management decisions to be made using data, easier and faster than ever before.

What Agworld subscription is required to access the integration?

The integration can be set up and linked by any user on the Agronomist Professional subscription, and any user of the Enterprise subscription.

Once the Agworld and Laconik accounts are linked, any farmers that have an Agworld subscription connected to the account can view the layers.

How to set up the integration

For more information on how to set up the integration or for more about Laconik, contact the Laconik team here!

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