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Weather Records in Agworld
Weather Records in Agworld

Capture multiple weather records on an Actual

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Multiple weather record observations can be captured on an Actual. Each weather record added against an Actual can include the following details:

  • Record Date

  • Temperature

  • Wind Speed

  • Wind Gust Speed

  • Wind Direction

  • Humidity

  • Delta T

  • Weather Conditions

  • Notes

You can add as many weather records with a timestamp to each actual as you want, and all of them will be visible on the ‘Activity PDF’ as well.

Here is how to do this on the Web and the Mobile Device:

  1. Navigate to the Weather Records section

  2. Click / tap Add Weather Record

  3. If needed, you can adjust the Observation Time

  4. Add weather details. To add another weather record just click Add Weather Record

  5. Finish filling out information pertaining to the Actual

  6. Click / tap Save

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