Are you wanting to track inventory in Agworld? Look no further than Shed by FarmReady!

Agworld has an integration with Shed by FarmReady - a farm inventory management solution that offers a simple and streamlined way to track stock movements and gain better visibility of inventory levels by storage location. Better visibility of inventory insights will help you prevent product supply issues and optimize stock on hand to improve efficiency.

Growers that use Shed and Agworld are able to see exactly which products are available in each chemical shed, with totals updated as soon as a field activity has been marked an ‘Actual’ in Agworld.

Here is how to get started:

  1. Connect your Account - navigate to and click on the Agworld Icon. You will be asked to login using your Agworld account credentials.

Once your Shed account is created, you can start creating your storage locations, managing stock and connecting it all to your Agworld account.

Interested in learning more about Shed? Contact Agworld Support!

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