Looking for ways to speed up data entry in Agworld? The Jobs page under the Workflow tab in Agworld is a great way to do certain tasks in bulk. This includes:

  • Printing Jobs

  • Tagging Jobs

  • Adding Colors

  • Converting Activities

  • Assigning Jobs

  • Sending PDF's

But first, learn how to use the Filter on the left hand side to narrow down your list of Jobs!

  1. Go to the Workflow > Jobs page

  2. Filter for either Todo, Done or Draft Jobs

  3. Use the filter tool on left-hand side to sort for the jobs you would like to print. There are a ton of filter attributes you can use to find jobs!

  4. Click Apply to save the filter

Using the Bulk Update Features form Jobs Page:

  1. Go to Workflow > Jobs page

  2. Filter for the jobs you would like to print (remember to hit apply to save the filter!)

  3. Click the check box to the left hand side of the jobs you want to print

  4. Next, use the Bulk Update Icon Options at the top left.

This includes:

  • Convert

  • Send PDF

  • Assign

  • Print

  • More ( Discard, Change Due Date, Add Tags, Set Color)

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