Jobs and Job Activities in Agworld serve similar purposes however, these pages have some differences. Understanding these differences between Jobs and Job Activities can help you to better navigate the Agworld platform to view job information that makes sense to you.


The Jobs page in Agworld keeps a log of all activities which take place on the farm. There are four main job types displayed on this page, which are Plans, Recommendations, Work Orders and Actuals. The Jobs page will be your hub for managing a rolling view of your upcoming and recently completed jobs as they take place. The Jobs page offers a few different views:

  • To-do Jobs

  • Done Jobs

  • Jobs in Draft

  • Jobs Assigned to me

There is a powerful job filter system available which enables you to easily sort through your various jobs. See this help article to step through an example.

On both the website and mobile apps, there are a number of actions available, including creating, converting, editing and assigning jobs. The jobs page on the website is also a great way to do certain tasks in bulk! This includes:

  • Printing jobs in bulk

  • Tagging Jobs in bulk

  • Adding Colors in Bulk

  • Converting Activities in Bulk

Job Activities

Job Activities lists out all of the previously mentioned activities in jobs, while keeping a record of converted and discarded activities as well.

Job Activities allows you to do the following:

  • Easily view restriction intervals/withholding periods with activities

  • Filter / Sort by Activity Type

  • Filter / Sort by various components

  • Update Activity Pricing in bulk to reflect prices in Price Management

  • Convert Plans, Recommendations, Work Orders, Observations to Actuals.

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