When a location of an existing pin changes, or it was added in the wrong spot you can easily adjust that in Agworld from the web or mobile devices!

How to Move a Pin from the Mobile Device 📍

1. From the Maps page, locate the pin

2. Using your finger, tap on the pin. Then, hold your finger down on the iPad screen

3. Using your finger, drag the pin to the new location

4. Once the new location is located, take your finger off the screen. No need to hit save - the pin will stay in the new spot once dropped!

How to Move a Pin from the Web 📍

  1. From the Maps page, navigate to the panel on the left hand side

  2. Switch from the Field View to the Pin View

  3. Locate the pin you would like to move

  4. Click the 3 dots to the right of the pin name

  5. Click Edit

  6. Click the pin, then drag to the new location

  7. Click Save

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