Important details about a field can easily be added in Agworld under the Advanced Options section when editing a field. This includes:

  • Field Description

  • Irrigation

  • Cropping Method

  • Row Spacing

  • Planting Date

  • Plant Spacing

  • Planting Depth

This additional information can be added on the web and then viewed on the agronomic snapshot.

Start by following the steps below to enter in your Field Details on the Web:

  1. Navigate to Maps > Farm Maps

  2. On the left hand side, find the field you would like to add the information against

  3. Click the 3 dots to the right of the field name

  4. Click Edit Field

5. Click Show Advanced Options

6. Enter the information below:

7. Click Save. Now you are ready to easily view the information you entered on your Agronomic Snapshot!

How to view Field Details on the Agronomic Snapshot (Web and Mobile Devices)

From the Web: From the Maps page click on a field > This will open a panel on the right hand side of the page > Click Snapshot > Agronomic

From the Mobile Device: From the Maps page tap on a field > Tap Snapshot > Tap Agronomic

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