Once you have added your commodities, harvest loads, and transactions you are ready to view that data to help make decisions for your operation!

Here is where you can view your Harvest data in Agworld:

  • Harvest Summary Page

  • Farm Performance Report - see your harvested amounts and transactions

  • Field Snapshot - display your per acre yield totals, total harvested weight, revenue per acre

  • Power BI - pull in your total weight in standard units as well as your revenue by crop

Harvest Summary Page:

The Harvest Summary Page gives you access to 3 reports. To view these reports navigate to Workflow > Harvest. Then, from the commodities tab click "All Commodities"

Harvest Progress:

  • This report is a summary of how many acres you have harvested based on your harvest activities.

Harvest Totals Report:

  • This report will display a summary of your harvest load totals by commodity. Data is being pulled from you Harvest Loads.

Harvest Sold Totals:

  • This report will give you a summary of how a crop was sold across commodities.

All of the Harvest Summary Reports can be exported to a .csv by clicking "Export Data"

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