Transactions in Agworld allow you to record the sale of your crop by commodity.

For example, if you have sold a portion of your malt barley crop as feed barley, you can record these in separate transactions and attribute the income that you received to each commodity. This enables you to get better visibility of the income from commodities sold on a given field that produced the crop.

Here is how to create a Harvest Transaction:

  1. Go to Workflow > Harvest

  2. Click the Transactions Tab

  3. Select the Commodity from the drop down. This is the commodity the transaction will be created for.

  4. Click the green Create button

  5. Begin filling out the harvest transaction form by adding the following information:

6. Once done, click Save

While transactions cannot be created from the mobile device, You can view a summary of your transactions by going to the Harvest Tab and tapping Transactions

Once you have entered transactions and loads, you’re ready to view a summary of your data!

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