Before you begin entering in your Harvest Loads and Transactions, set up your Commodities for each crop to reflect the different ways that they are sold and stored!

Creating your commodities set you up for success in capturing your harvest data in Agworld. Here is why:

  • You can easily capture how the crop was both harvested and sold to get a more accurate picture of profitability across all of your fields.

  • You can specify a unit per commodity so that you can enter your harvest weights in the units that make the most sense to you

To get started creating your commodities, follow the steps below!

Creating Commodities:

1. Navigate to Workflow > Harvest

2. Click Manage Commodities

3. Click Create

4. Add the following:


This will be the name of the commodity. The commodity will be what is coming off the field during harvest and what is being sold.


What crop the commodity will be tied to

Harvest Units

Select a Pre-filled unit or create a Custom Unit

Harvest Unit Description

This is where you will enter the custom unit of choice

Unit Abbreviation

Short name to be used in forms and reports

Weight Equivalent

Weight Used for Conversion

Once you have created your commodities, you have the ability to manage them to ensure you data is being captured accurately!

Managing your Commodities:

Editing Commodities:

  • If you need to change the Name of your commodity you can do so by Editing the commodity. Click Manage Commodities > Select the Commodity > Click Edit

Deleting Commodities:

  • Commodities can only be deleted if they do not have data against them. Data includes harvest loads & transactions. We recommend Merging existing Harvest Data to a different commodity.

Merging Commodities:

  • You can create a new commodity and merge the data from old to new commodity. Once data is merged, the old commodity will be automatically deleted. To do this, click Manage Commodities > Edit Commodity > Delete > Select New Commodity > Replace and Delete Commodity

Helpful tips on Commodities:

  • Commodities cannot be manually created on the mobile device. Rather, when a harvest load is created and no commodity is selected it will automatically create a commodity with the crop name. To ensure your commodities are customized to how they are harvested / sold we recommend creating them from the web before the start of harvest.

  • You need to have company administrator permissions to create commodities. If you do not have this ability, check with your company administrator.

Once you create a commodity you can now create harvest loads and transactions.

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