To get the most value out of the Agworld platform’s harvest functionality, we recommend adding harvest activities into your season plan. This will make it easier to convert a plan to an actual when harvest operations are in full swing!

In addition to scheduling harvest operations for the year you can also set low, medium, and high yield / price expectations for your crop to understand how you are tracking for the season.

When adding harvest activities to your plan, we suggest creating an activity template and adding the activity to your crop templates and / or field plans.

Creating Planned Harvest Activity as Activity Template:

  1. Navigate to Planning > Planned Activities

  2. Click New Template

  3. Toggle the Activity type to Harvest

  4. Add your Title, Due Date, and other basic information

  5. To add the operation(s) click “Add Operation.” Use the search bar to select the operation type. Examples of operations you can add include: harvest, labor, fuel etc.

  6. Once done, Click Save

This activity template can now be added to your field plans, crop templates, and in-season activities (Recommendations, Work Orders, and Actuals).

You do not have to create an activity template to add your harvest operations to your plan. Another option is going to Planning > Farm Planning and selecting the field you are planning for. Click the green Add Activity button. You will then follow the same steps as above to enter your harvest activity form.

Once you start actioning your harvest operations, you will convert the Planned Activity to an Actual.

Note: Once you toggle the activity type to Harvest, you cannot switch it back to General.

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