Agworld’s Harvest solution contains a suite of tools to help you track the important data that is being captured on your operation during harvest season. By entering your harvest information in Agworld you are able to benchmark your performance across your farm and make more informed decisions when planning for the new year.

Creating harvest data in Agworld can be done through the following features:

  • Harvest Activities

  • Commodities

  • Loads

  • Transactions

Once you’ve entered your harvest data in Agworld, you are able to easily review and report on this information to get a snapshot of your yield and revenue.

To help you get started, we’ve broken each step in Harvest down to a separate article:

  1. Plan for Harvest (*Planning subscription needed for this step)

  2. Create your Commodities

  3. Convert or create Harvest Activities

  4. Enter Harvest Loads

  5. Enter Harvest Transactions

  6. Harvest Summary

If you do not have access to planning, click here to begin creating commodities or talk to the team about our subscription offering today

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