Getting started on the Agworld website

This webinar is designed for brand new users to Agworld and will cover what you need to know to get started on the Agworld website.

Getting started on the Agworld apps

This webinar is designed for brand new users to Agworld and will cover what you need to know to get started on the Agworld iPhone and iPad apps

Reporting Tools in Agworld

This webinar covers the extensive list of reports available within Agworld including standard reports, planning reports, farm performance reports and custom reports. Learn what elements are presented in each type of report and where this information is drawn from.

Price Management in Agworld

This webinar covers how costs for inputs are set within Agworld and how these can be updated on any type of activity using a number of different tools available.

Soil Sampling in Agworld for Agronomists

This webinar is for Agronomists who would like to streamline their Sampling workflow by integrating the job creation, sample collection, lab submission and results into one easy to use platform. Includes a live demonstration of the Agworld Sample App on the iPad.

New Harvest Workflow - February 2021

This webinar is for all users of Agworld and covers the new harvest workflow including how to enter harvest activities to track harvest progress, harvest loads to record commodity weight and transactions to record income from the sale of a commodity. Includes a full website demo plus iPad and iPhone demonstrations.

Seeding in Agworld - Preparing for the 2021 season

This webinar demonstrates the variety of tools and workflows available to you within Agworld that will ensure you are set up for success this seeding. This includes best practices when it comes to planning for secondary crops (undersown and cover crops) and recording sowing activities in the field.

What's new to Agworld - Summer '21 edition

The webinar unveils new features and tools that have been released on the website and mobile apps over Summer of 21 including new pin types and colours, updates to the agronomic snapshot, planning page updates, find & replace page updates, addition of Product Registration numbers, new harvest overview and updates made to the John Deere/Agworld Integration.

Custom reporting in Agworld

This webinar is suitable for both growers and agronomists, stepping you through creating a custom report in Agworld while demonstrating 4 of the most popular types of reports created by users. These include; crop summary reports, planned and completed activities report, chemical usage report and season benchmarking reports.

Agworld Scout

This webinar is has been created for users who are looking to create Scouting records for connected clients, or on their own farm, and covers the entire workflow step-by-step from template creation, to using the Scouting App and reporting on these records

John Deere integration

This webinar walks through our integration with the JD Operations Center and the exciting features that make linking your John Deere Data to your records in Agworld even easier.

Shed inventory integration

Learn more about the new inventory system, Shed by Farm Ready. This webinar will step through how Agworld integrates with Shed Inventory: being able to accurately determine product levels across a farming enterprise is critical for optimising inventory usage and ensuring that there is enough product to finish work orders and jobs without having to wait for more product to be delivered.

What's New in July 2021

We've been busy making Agworld better for you! Join us to see how we have improved Agworld in the last 3 months with a focus on our new iPad and iPhone app, now with multiple weather records! We've also made it earlier for you to communicate via Agworld with our messaging updates.

Agronomist Collaboration with Agworld

This webinar will cover how Agworld works from an agronomists point of view looking at the types of Jobs and how they are designed to flow across multiple users connected to a farm.

Spring Cleaning Your Agworld Account

This webinar covers only some of the ways you can clean up your account including your company details page, discarding unwanted activities and updating your prices. And for the agronomists, we'll also be going through updating your client details such as adding emails and mobile numbers so you can send recommendations more easily.

Preparing for Harvest 2021

This webinar covers all aspects of the harvest workflow (harvest activities, harvest loads, commodities and transactions). It also includes the differences between the Ipad and the website.

Getting Good at Gross Margins 2021

Join us to learn how to get the most accurate benchmarking data from your Agworld account including Gross Margins (GM). The main areas we will cover are; planned vs actual GM, where to find GM in Agworld, what do we need to do to get accurate GM data and creating a benchmarking custom report.

Agworld Fundamentals - Get Set for Success

Join us for an exciting new webinar where we put the 'fun' back into fundamentals and explore how to get the most out of your Agworld account. This webinar will include information and demonstrations on getting people on the ground entering accurate data, checking your data regularly, easy ways to record data and why accurate data matters to you.

Planning for Growers 2022

Join us for this grower-focused planning webinar including; creating new seasons, editing fields, creating basic crop rotations, detailed field plans, creating and using crop and activity templates and so much more.

Planning for Agronomists 2022

Get ready for the 2022 season with our new planning webinar aimed at agronomists. This webinar will include; field preparation, detailed field plans, crop and activity templates, price management information, sharing plans with your clients, planning reports and so much more.

Figured and Agworld integration

Agworld and Figured teamed up for a webinar for Australian accountants interested in the new Figured integration and how this creates a seamless link between Agworld plans and a Figured budget

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