To easily collaborate with others in Agworld, agronomists are able to request permission to access a growers account.

As a user in Agworld, you have the ability to choose who can see your information and what type of permission they can have!

Here is how you can review requests to connect to your account that are sent from others in Agworld:

  1. Click your Company Name at the top right of the page

2. On the left hand panel, select My Connections

3. This page gives you an overview of all accepted, outstanding, and rejected requests for your account:


  • Requests from others that you have accepted. You can delete these at any point by hovering over the request and then clicking Revoke


  • Requests from others that you have not yet reviewed


  • Requests that you have denied

4. The Outstanding column is where you can accept or deny the requests to connect to your account.

By accepting or denying, you can choose which permissions you would like the user to have within your account.

For example: if you want your agronomist to create plans for you, click Accept for the Farm Planner permission. However, if you do not want them to View Financials, click Reject to decline that request.

When you click Accept it will give you an overview of what specific permissions you are granting the user. Once you verify this is the access you would like the requestor to have, click Ok. This request will now show in the Accepted column.

Below is what each permission grants the requesting user:

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