Why invite your clients to join Agworld?

Agworld offers free, view-only access for growers to see maps, upcoming recommendations, plans and more. We also offer a range of grower subscriptions to make the most of collaborating and capturing data on the same platform. Some benefits of working together on the Agworld platform include:

  • Easily collaborating on plans and budgets

  • Keeping higher quality digital farm records

  • Getting deeper insights into farm performance to make more data-driven decisions

  • Improved communication, efficiency and transparency

  • Gaining more value from connected agronomists

How to invite your clients to join Agworld

1. First, check if the user email address(es) on the account is correct by clicking the 3 dots next to the client company name on the maps page of the website > 'View Company Users' and edit or add more users if needed.

Please note:

'View Company Users' is only visible to external administrators of the account (usually the user who created the account)

If the email address is already taken on another Agworld account, please contact Agworld Support

2. From the maps page, click on the referral button (on the grey bar next to the client and season selector) and click on 'Invite all # people to Agworld'. This will trigger a referral email with a password reset link.

Please note:

The account access token on this link expires within 24 hours, so if your client has trouble accessing you'll either need to re-send the invite email, or your client can also trigger a password reset email from the login page.

3. Your client can then set their password via the invitation email link and log in using their email address as the username and the password they set.

For any questions about inviting your clients to Agworld or to arrange grower onboarding, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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