Note: In order to sample from NDVI Imagery using the Agworld Soil Sampling app you will need access to PCT. Please contact Customer Success to discuss setting up a PCT account.

Before getting started, please make sure that the NDVI imagery of choice is saved as a layer in PCT. To learn how to do this click here!

Now go into Agworld and click on the client you're working with.

Next, hover over the Precision tab and select Report. From here select your farm, field and season that this NDVI/management zone layer is in. Make sure to select Refresh all layers then choose Next. It is normal to take some time if you have a lot of data.

Next, hover over Workflow and choose Sample Collection. Once here, click on Create New.

Choose Point job type and select the season the samples will be for.

Select your field and click Next.

From here click the three dots next to the field name and choose Set Points Manually.

Now click the View Imagery button in the upper right corner and select the NDVI/Management zone layer.

You can set your points on the map by clicking in each zone. If you need to move a point, click and drag the pin to a new location. Click on the pin and select the trash bin to delete the point. Once finished setting your points, click Save.

Finally, continue creating your sample job. Once you've created your sample job with the NDVI layer, it will be available on the sample app to view which zone you're in while you're out in the field.

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