Have you removed a fenceline or want to treat multiple fields as one field in Agworld? This article describes how to modify your existing Agworld field boundaries in a season to merge multiple fields into one.

In Agworld, there isn't currently a 'merge field' tool, but this can be achieved by modifying field boundaries and switching off the extra field(s) that you wish to hide. This will change the current season's maps, but won't affect the setup of historical season data or boundaries. We recommend merging fields early on in the season when there's little to no data on the extra field(s), allowing you to switch them off easily.

Part 1: How to extend the existing field boundaries (edit a field)

1. On the maps page, find the main field you want to extend the boundary for > click the 3 dots next to the field name > select 'Edit Field'

2. Modify the boundary either by dragging the boundary points as above or by clicking 'Add Area' to add on a new part of the field boundary

3. Before saving the new field boundary, choose 'Use New Area' to calculate the new area of the field

4. Save

Part 2: Turn field(s) off for the season

1. Before switching off the excess field(s) for the season, make sure that you delete or re-allocate any existing data from the excess field(s) to the main field in the selected season (if you don't have any data on the field for this season yet you can ignore this step):

  • to delete a job: click on the job > click 'View' > then click 'More' > then 'Delete'. (Note only the author can delete the job)

  • to re-allocate a job: click on the job > click 'Edit' > click on any locations you want to remove > and click 'Delete Location'. Then add the main field as a location or if it's already on the job, double-check the activity area and save

  • to delete the crop: navigate to 'Planning' > 'Farm Planning' > click on the field > then click 'Actions' > 'Delete Field Plan' > click 'Ok'

2. Head to the maps page on the website

3. Click on the 3 dots next to the Farm name

4. Click on 'Select Fields in Use This Season'

5. Deselect the field(s) you'd like to hide from your maps page for this season

6. Click 'Done' once you've turned off all the fields you'd like removed

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