If you are looking to check on the messages (emails or SMS's) that you've sent via Agworld Jobs, you can find this information on the Agworld website via the 'Communications' tab. You will be able to see related information such as the message status (sent/delivered/opened/clicked), date and time sent, attached jobs and content of the message.

1. Navigate to 'Communications' > 'Messages' on the Agworld website

2. Click on the 'View' dropdown and change from 'Default' to 'Custom...'

3. Tick on all options to show all sent messages, click 'Apply'

4. In the top right corner of the page, change the sort order from 'Date sent' to 'Date sent descending' to view the most recent messages first


  • You can click on the green message status to the left of the message to get more details on when it was delivered, opened, clicked or if the message failed, which email address bounced.

  • You can click on the message title to show the full content of the message and which Jobs are attached

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