We have 4 tips below to help you speed up your data entry. Whether you're creating recommendations, work orders or recording your actuals, there are some tricks you can use to speed up this process.

1. Add multiple fields to one job

If you've completed the exact same application on multiple fields, rather than creating multiple actuals, simply add them all into the one job. Do this on the mobile device by going to the locations and choosing "select locations from map":

You can also do this from the website! With the “filter to fields with matching crop” filter option, it’s fast and easy to find and select fields with the same crop type. When the matching crop filter is switched off, you can still easily select fields listed alphabetically by farm.

2. Use recent mix, and use recent comment

Agworld saves your recent input mixes and comments, to make it easy for you to copy information from previous jobs to new ones. In a new job, scroll to your inputs and operations and click on "Use recent mix" - Agworld will show you your previous mixes, which you can click on to add to the new job. The same option exists for comments - to save you time entering in the same information.

3. Copy to new job

If you're completing the same job on multiple fields, but perhaps they're slightly different, or completed on different days, you can copy all of the information from one job and create a new one. Here's how:

  1. Find the field the job you want to copy

  2. Scroll to the "Copy to New Job" option

  3. A new actual will open, with all of the details from the old job

  4. Update this one with the new date, fields and any adjustments

  5. Click next and then Submit

4. Activity templates

Activity templates can save all of the job details, to make it super quick to enter in jobs. This includes additional information such as application rates, tank sizes, assets, withholding periods etc. You can add an activity template from the top of your new job:

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