1. On the Ipad, under Suggested Application select the product and then at the top right tap Suggested Application 

 2. Tap Download for All Crops or Download all Applications, if no suggested application choices appear.

3. The left hand side includes labeled applications the system found for this pesticide on this crop in this area (zip code)

4. You can view Other Applications. These are other labeled applications for the selected input, but they don’t apply to the location(s) chosen on this activity.

5. Modify the Rate:  Select min/max, or tap the calculator to set the rate to use.

6. Restriction intervals are retrieved automatically from the label.

7. Add to Appendix means the information will be attached to the activity.
This is additional information to make a properly timed, appropriate and effective application of the selected input.

8. Select Done at the top right when selections are completed. Green Check Mark: means it is good to go!

Note: If you notice an issue you can report it using the Report an Error link

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