Step one: Create a Farm

The first thing you'll need to do to begin drawing fields is to create a Farm for these fields to belong to.  A Farm in Agworld is simply a grouping a fields.  

Step two: Map your fields

It is easy to create a farm and fields in Agworld! You can create basic field outlines, or use the add area and remove area tools to create accurate boundaries for all external and internal fence lines.

Do you have boundary files (KML or SHP files) from another GIS software? Depending upon the file type, you can upload those boundaries so that you don't have to re-map your boundaries again. See our help article "How to import KML/Shapefile Field Boundaries". If you have any problems, email Agworld Support with your files for us to take a look at them.  

You can map out your fields on the Agworld iPad app too

Watch the videos below to get started mapping, or editing your fields ⬇️ You can also view this Webinar!

How to create a farm and fields:

Add Area

Remove Area 

Split Field boundary (link to Help Article)

Map a Pivot (link to Help Article)

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