A new update to Agworld and PowerBI requires you to re-download the Agworld PowerBI app, and manually refresh of your data. Please follow the steps below to update your account.

  1. In the PowerBI Apps page, click on Get Apps and change the search from My Organisation to AppsĀ 

  2. Search for Agworld in the search bar

  3. Click on Get it now on Agworld for Growers

  4. Click on Install

  5. Choose either option: create a new workspace or overwrite existing workplace.

If you are using the default Agworld PowerBI App settings, we would recommend overwriting the existing workspace.

Overwriting will remove any existing filters, changes, reports or parameters that you have set in the Agworld PowerBI workspace. Creating a new workspace will create a new Agworld workspace with the default settings, which you can then use to migrate over your changes from your existing workspace. Learn more here

6. Once you've selected either overwrite to create a new workspace, click Install
7. Go to the new workspace
8. Choose the option Datasets (ignore the yellow warning panel at the top of the page)

9. Click on the 3 dots in the Agworld dataset and then select Settings

10. Go to Parameters and double check that your Api token and region are correct
11. Got to Data source credentials and click on Edit credentials (ignore the yellow warning)

12. Choose your privacy (Private or Organisational) and then click Sign In
13. Go back to the Agworld workspace and select Datasets again
14. Click on the Refresh button

15. This will take ~30 seconds to a minute to refresh
16. Now reload your webpage
17. There will be a yellow warning: Update the app to apply and share any changes to this workspace. If you share your workspace with other users in your organisation, you will need to click on the Yellow Update app button in the top right to share this update with your colleagues.

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