You'll find the Agworld Apps in the Apple App Store by using the Search feature. Type in "Agworld". You'll see a number of apps pop up:

  • Agworld for iPad

  • Agworld for iPhone

  • Agworld Sampling (for iPad only)

  • Agworld Scout (for iPad and iPhone)

Agworld Sampling and Agworld Scout are restricted to certain users, based on subscription types and functionality requirements. Please talk to your local support team if you'd like to learn more.

To download the app, click on the "GET" button. You may need to verify your identity by using TouchID or by entering your Apple password.

Once the app is downloaded, you can click on "OPEN", or click on the app from your iPad/iPhone home screen.

You will need to login to the app the first time you open it, but from then onwards, the app will remain logged in unless you delete the app, or log out. Your data will always be stored in the cloud, so if you accidentally delete the app, or lose/damage your device, you can always log in on another device.

Your login is the same email address and password that you use to login to the website. If you have trouble logging in, try resetting your password from the website login page by clicking "Don't remember your password?"

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