At the top of the Price Management page on the Agworld website, you have the options to "Export as CSV" and "Import Price List CSV". These options allow you to export your prices in Price Management to a spreadsheet, update or share them and then import them back in to Agworld. The CSV that you export from Agworld will be your template for importing prices.

In the spreadsheet, you can adjust the prices, pack size and pack units. Prices in the Unit Cost column are ignored with the import.  For example, if my product’s price is $10/gal and its Pack Size is 2.5 gallons with the Pack Size Unit as gal, the Pack Cost would be $25.


  • Export for seasonal price record-keeping to have on file.

  • Export, make speedier input price updates and import the updated list.

  • Export and email to another Agworld Company Admin user that wants to use the same list. Examples might be a Corporate Farmer to share with farm entities or a supplier that wants to share input prices with their clients.

Troubleshooting Import Issues 

  • Simply copying the row headers from an exported Price Management price list / template to a new csv file to be used for importing prices will not work.  The import will fail due to blank columns.

  • The product names to be imported must precisely match the name of the same product in Agworld.

  • Duplicate product names with different package sizes are not allowed.  Agworld allows only one package size per product in Price Management.

  • When using a saved and exported price list as a template, note that archiving any input in Price Management after the template is created will invalidate the template. Either export a new price list after archiving products, or remove all archived products from your price list template. (Archived products are still in price management to maintain their history. A product can’t exist as both an active product and an archived product at the same time.)

  • Unit abbreviations used for importing prices into Price Management in Agworld must match exactly.  These include L, mL, ML, floz, pt, qt, gal, acre*in, and acre*ft for liquid products and oz, lbs, kg and ton for dry products.

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