This article will walk through how to use Nutrient Rx to calculate fertilizer applications based on soil or yield results. 

To start

  • Navigate to Precision | Nutrient Rx

1. Farm and Season Selection 

  • Select a farm and season where soil / yield data is located

  • Choose the layer that will be used

  • Select one season

2.  Enter the target year, field, crop, and yield layers 

  • Zone: uses zoned yield maps from prior years (it will average if multiple years are chosen)  

  • Mean: Uses field average from yield maps for entire field 

  • Flat: Uses entered yield goal for entire field 

3. Product and Formula Selection:

  • The group menu allows for Rxs to be categorized and sorted as desired

  • The group an Rx belongs to is displayed under the group column 

Enter info for Min/Max, Split Box, >0:

Split Box Checked:

  • If the recommendation is greater than the max, the remainder of the product will be put into the next year/season. Separate quantities with a comma in the Max box to be credited as a percentage in subsequent years. 

Split Box Unchecked:

  • If the recommendation is greater than the max it will re-adjust the quantity to the max

The >0 box only affects 0.

  •  If the box is checked, anything between the set min and 0 will be 0. 

  Click the pencil to make changes, or view the equation. 

  • If edits are made to the formula, hitting save will do it just for this instance 

  • Credit: Total amount of starter credit used to compensate for product previously applied 

  • Note: Contact your precision agronomy manager for password information to make edits to formulas

4. Summary:

  • Click the planning box if this is a trial run 

  • If  the planning box is left unchecked, the Rx is generated in Field Viewer, and can be selected for reporting in Precision | Reports 

  • The default pixel size (resolution) is 20m -- this can be changed as needed 

  • Split by Steps: lets you split prescriptions into steps 1, 2, 3 rather than years 

  • Process by Zone: Click if needing to zone multiple years of yield maps 

5. Report

  • Generates attribute table and summary of prescriptions 

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