If you've received new quote for input pricing and updated your price management list, you can apply these new prices to existing work orders, actuals, observations, and recommendations. Please note that refreshing prices will erase all previous pricings, and replace with the current contents of your price list.
This video provides an overview of the content covered in this article. 

To see how to update pricing for your plans, please read this article. 

Using the job activities, there are a few ways to refresh prices for created jobs. 

  • Refresh Pricing 

  • Force Refresh Pricing 

  • Assign Missing Prices

Update Pricing for Activities:

Changing prices to reflect your most recent costs in Price Management can be done for all activities, just navigate to Workflow | Job Activities.

To change pricing for activities you can use the different filter options to refine the list to only show the activities you wish to update. To update the pricing of these filtered activities select Refresh Pricing under the filtered activity actions menu on the right hand side of the page.

Update Pricing for a Few Activities:

To update the pricing for only a few activities, select from the list. Once selected, click Force Refresh Pricing under the selected activity actions menu 

Update Pricing for Activities Without Pricing:

Weren't sure what the price was for a product and entered 0 when it was originally created? Now that you have the correct amount entered for that product in your price list you can use the Assign Missing Pricing tool to show this change. Note this will only update activities with zero dollars entered as the price (this means no price was entered).

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