Farm performance reports pull your actual data to give you a breakdown on your agronomic and financial performance in a season. The report contains input and cost summaries, as well as a field-by-field breakdown.

You can choose to include or exclude data such as financials and operational costs, if you'd prefer to only focus on agronomic data.

You can generate a PDF formatted report from the "Reporting" > "Farm Performance Report" tab on the Agworld website. There are 2 types of Farm Performance reports which you can choose from.

1. Field Performance

The Field Performance Report is the default farm performance report and the most comprehensive. It contains all the information entered into actuals, and generates crop and farm summaries such as:

  • Crop, variety and area summary

  • Input and operation summary

  • Crop, farm, field and season gross margins

  • Rotation history summary

  • 1 full page for each field, with activities, costs, income and agronomic information

Before running, the report, you have the option to filter it down by farm, fields or crop, and toggle on/off the advanced filters including whether to hide financial information and maps. Otherwise, to run the standard report, just leave the filters blank and hit "Run Report".

2. Rotation Summary Report

The rotation summary report gives you a simple table overview of the rotation history of your fields. Included below the crop and variety is the actual gross margin of each season so you can get insights into your fields' current and historical farm performance, at a glance. 

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