Agworld has the ability to pull in activities completed by your John Deere machine and link them to plans, work orders, recommendations, and actuals. If you did not create a job in advance, don't worry! You can create an actual on the spot to ensure the data gets into Agworld.

To begin, navigate to Workflow | Machinery Data 

The column to the left contains John Deere information. A filter button is available to select the type of job, field, date it was completed, or a keyword (such as a product used on the field) to quickly find what you are looking for. 

Once filtered, select apply and the jobs will be displayed.

When you select a certain field, Agworld will spatially sort corresponding jobs found in Agworld. Select the correct job and click 'Convert and Edit' from the dropdown to verify and add additional information.

John Deere will automatically pull in the field name and started/completed time. You have the option to copy the field operation area to the activity by selecting the grey arrow.

The products will need to be added below under 'Inputs & Operations.'

Once all the information is added, click save below. The activity can now be found under the 'Done' tab. 

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