The Find and Replace tool is used to find activities in Plans, Recs, WOs, Actuals, or Crop Templates and update them in bulk. 

For example, say you created plans in bulk with Roundup Power Max II but meant to add Roundup WeatherMax. Instead of changing each plan individually, Find and Replace can be used to change all activities at once. 

1. Hover the cursor over the planning tab, then select Find & Replace

2. Select the type of item to update

3. Enter search criteria such as product, seed, operation, activity, or field plan to find activities that need to be changed

4. To change how the tool will search, select "is" or "contains".
Use the “is” option to find the exact activity.
Use the "contains" option to find any activity that contains the chosen word. 

5. Find and Replace returns the results of what is found based on the search criteria. 

6. Click on the field to expand input details. 

7. Select which activities that need to be updated by ticking the corresponding boxes. 

8. Scroll down to 'Modification' and click on 'Create Modification Rule'

Select the option that best suits the area to modify

9. Enter products based on the changes needed. Updates to rate, cost, and re-entry information can also be made. 

10. Click 'Preview'  to view the changes Find and Replace will make to the activities. 

11. Click 'Apply' to make the change

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