The steps below will explain how to pair up CalAg permit data to your Agworld fields so that you can submit PUR's and NOI's electronically. 

Before starting the import process, verify the following information:

  • The current season is selected
  • Check that city, zip, and county, is entered under each of your farms in Quick Farm Setup 

Now you are ready to import your permit:

  1. Go to the 'My Business' tab and select 'Import Data' 

2.  From the 'Import' dropdown, select 'Import CalAg data' 

3.  Enter in the last 7 digits of your permit number 

4. Once 'Parsed,' select 'Verify' 

5.  Tick 'Import this permit' box

6. Match the Site ID from Calag by selecting the correct Agworld field from the drop down. You have the option to ignore Site IDs from your permit if it is not already in Agworld. Make sure to select the 'Agworld' check box under crop.

7. At the bottom of the screen select 'Import!' 

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