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CalAg Troubleshooting: What Do the Error Messages Mean? (US Only 🇺🇸)
CalAg Troubleshooting: What Do the Error Messages Mean? (US Only 🇺🇸)

This document explains the meaning of the error messages when trying to submit an NOI or PUR

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When submitting an NOI or PUR through Calag, sometimes an error message will appear in Workflow | Compliance Notices. This document explains a few of the actions to take to when the NOI/PUR's submissions produce an error.

  1. Product registration number not found:

  • Contact Agworld support

2. Submission has no application sub-records:

  • Fertilizer-only activities don't need to be submitted and this error is given when they have been. 

3. Application date is less than today's date:

  • In the case of an NOI that must be submitted 24 hours before application, the submission date is after the date of application. Please contact the county and explain the timeline of events. 

4. Submission has no product application method:

  • The application method within application details in the Actual activity has not been filled out. This drop down is listed as "optional" but it must be filled out if for fields located in California 

For other error messages please contact agworld support.

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