Agworld is in the process of developing an inventory plugin, which is currently available for extended trial in beta form. AgPlugins reconciles your Agworld actuals with storages in AgPlugins to give you a stock on hand summary.

AgPlugins can be used to keep track of your chemical, fertilizer and grain inventory. You can set up multiple storage locations based on the type of storage (e.g. Chem Shed, Silo etc.).

Here's a quick summary on how it works:

Once your account is set up and linked to your Agworld account, enter in your current stock on hand into AgPlugins. As you record actuals in Agworld, the stock used will be automatically removed from your storages.

As you receive new stock, you can add them into your storages. You will be able to view your current inventory as well as report on your stock usage in AgPlugins.

As this is a beta product, we'd love to talk to you if you are interested in an inventory solution. Please contact your local support team to trial AgPlugins

Alternatively, you can sign up for a trial here 

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