In Agworld, users can create clients through a simple process.  Once you've created the client, you can start adding information to the account straight away.

The farmer will also receive an email invitation to Agworld, they can follow the link in the email to access the account you have created for them.

First, login to Agworld on the Website and go to the Maps > Farm Maps.  

  • Select the link: Add new client.

  • In the client search field, start typing the client’s name. 

  • Click on Create a new company

  • Fill in the client's details. You need to add: Company Name, Client Name, Email Address, Physical Address and Phone Number

The last step is to select your roles (connections) to the company, as an agronomist you will need:

  • Agronomist, Farm Planner and Financial Viewer

(Ad Hoc Agronomist is only necessary when requesting a connection to a grower who is currently working with a competing company. For additional questions please contact Agworld support.) 

When done click, Create Client


  • If you get any error messages saying the email address is taken, please contact Agworld support 

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