Harvest Activities are a new, powerful type of Activity in Agworld. They record a harvest event (e.g. I've harvested 100 units of Wheat). This article will show you how to use a Harvest Activity in Agworld to easily add stock to one of your storages.

Create the Activity

I'm going to show this on the web but the same principle applies to the mobile versions of Agworld.

I've logged in to my Agworld account and now I have opened up a new Actual Activity in Agworld. I want to select Harvest from the activity type menu.

I've selected one of my Bean fields to harvest

Under Harvest Details I've put in my the weight and grade. Under Destination I've typed in the name of one of my storages in AgPlugins. 

After I hit Save, in a few minutes Agworld will send AgPlugins the details for the activity. I'll check in on my storage in AgPlugins...

And there it is! You can see how easy it is to use Harvest Activities to manage your Seed and Grain Inventory in Agworld.

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