During stock auditing it's useful to have a way to quickly reconcile stock without having to do the math yourself. Previously in AgPlugins if you had 10 units of product in your shed and AgPlugins shows 2.7 units you would have needed to do the math on your own and add a Stock Movement for 7.3 units (10 units - 2.7 units). The Stock Reconciliation screen makes this lots simpler.

Click into the storage you'd like to reconcile. There's a button next to Add Stock Movement called Reconcile Stock.

Clicking into that will bring you to the stock reconciliation screen

We are going to change the stock amount for Roundup PowerMax II from 10 gallons to 25 gallons

AgPlugins tells you what is currently in your storage (10 gallons) and what the new amount will be when I hit Save

In the background depending on whether the amount was greater than or less than the current amount, AgPlugins will create a Stock Movement with the reason of "Shrinkage" that corresponds to the amount you've entered. For example the amount I entered will have created an Add Stock Movement of 15 gallons to Josh's Shed.

Back on the reconciliation screen if I want Hook Adjuvant to go from 200 gallons to 180 gallons

Once I hit Save AgPlugins will determine this as a negative stock movement. So it will register that I took 20 gallons out and mark that down to Shrinkage.

In summary, the reconciliation screen will save bunches of time in adding and removing stock by you not having to do the math yourself.

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