Scenario: You have 100 units of Product 1 in Storage A and 100 units of the same product in Storage B.

You'll want to be able to specify which storage gets inventory removed when the Agworld activity is converted to an Actual. We can do this with Tags.

Note: These steps are from the web version of Agworld. The iPad version of Agworld will be similar but it won't look exactly like it does in the screenshots below. The same principles still apply.

When you are in the Activity Create or Edit page in Agworld, click on Basic Details

On the bottom under the heading Other, type in the name of the storage as it appears in AgPlugins where you want all of the inputs in this Activity to be removed.

When you click Save, AgPlugins knows to remove the inputs in the Activity from the specified storage in Tags.

What if I want to remove inputs on the same activity from multiple storages?

Simple. We'll go and click on the input we want to come from Storage A

Then click on the input we want to come from Storage B

Then click Save on the Activity. AgPlugins will subtract the correct quantity from the specified storages. 

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