We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use Agworld on the go, which is why we've updated a bunch of features on the new iPhone app. Many of the features have been updated so that you can use the app with one hand and more easily jump between sections of the app.

There are two Key New Gestures:

Slide Overlay View

  • When tapping on a paddock or pin and when creating a new job from a paddock

  • It can be dragged up to full screen, down to dismiss it or half way

Company And Season View

  • Seasons are lined up horizontally, ordered by latest to earliest going left to right.

  • To scroll through seasons drag left or right in the season section

Quickly jump from the Maps, Jobs, Rainfall, Library and More, without needing to open and close different menus. 

Company and Season Selector

Change the season by clicking on the Farm Company/Season at the very top of the maps page


Quick actions to jump between your Assigned, ToDo, Done and Draft Jobs, with options to Filter to shorten the list of jobs. Only the field with jobs assigned to them will show up on the Jobs Maps page.

Field Menu

Drag up or down the field menu to expand the Jobs, Snapshot, Notes or Observations. Pull it up to view and down to close.

Two taps to record a new job

From the Field Menu, you can click on New Job to create a new job (Recommendation/Work Order/Actual)

Mapping new farms/fields or searching for a field

Click on the farm/field menu in the top left, next to the Agworld logo


Because the app works offline, it's important to sync to save new data, or download information from the website. The sync button is always in the top left of the screen. You need to keep Agworld open until the sync has completed.

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