You can use the Agworld pivot mapping tool to create pivots on your farm map. In order to map your fields, you have to first have a farm set up. Which you can do by clicking the "Create new farm" button. If you already have a farm, and want to add a pivot, here's how:

On the website:

  1. Under the Farm name, click on "Create a new field"

  2. In the top right of the maps page, change from the field boundary tool, to the pivot mapping tool:

3. Click once in the centre of the pivot and then once again on the outside of the pivot
4. You can drag the centre of the pivot and the boundaries to ensure the pivot is in the right spot
5. Click save in the bottom left
6. Give your pivot a name, crop/variety and update the area, if need be. This is also an opportunity to cut sections out of the pivot, or manually adjust the boundary.
7. Click save again

On the iPad:

  1. Pull out the list of fields and pins from the left hand side of the maps page

  2. Tap on create new field

  3. Change from boundary to pivot

  4. Zoom in to the pivot you want to maps and tap apply

  5. Make any adjustments to add or remove area

  6. Click next

  7. Give your pivot a name, assign it to a farm and then Save

Tip: you can also use the pivot tool to remove circular areas from fields in Agworld. More information on how to 'remove area' from fields in this article

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