With Agworld, you can keep track of what assets (what machinery or equipment) you used on your jobs.  To add this equipment, follow the steps below!

First, login on the Agworld website.  

After logging in, click on your business name in the top right corner of the page to get to your company settings. Then, select Asset Management under "shortcuts". 

Note: You will need to have the "Company Admin" permission with your farm or business to be able to add assets.  If you don't, the Asset Management menu option will not appear for you.  Please contact Agworld if you need assistance.

Next, Click on the New Asset button toward the upper left of the website.

Now, enter in the Name of the asset as you would like it to appear on your activities.  

Next, fill out a description of the equipment if you so desire.  (This information won't be visible when adding this asset to an activity and is mainly meant for informational purposes)

Select a Category.  The category will be the type of machine this equipment is such as Aircraft, Boomspray, Spreader, etc.

Finally, add a Commissioned at date.  This is meant to help you keep track of when you got this equipment but if you're not sure, you can just specify today's date.  

Then press Save.  

It is that simple to add assets to Agworld!  The Assets added will show up on the Mobile apps on their next Sync.  

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